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Re: Advice on a new cichlid tank

Adam, thank you for the thorough reply!  I did notice the theme you
were hinting at :)  I will be contacting you off-list as well - thank
you for the offer.

Rick, you responded as well, thank you - I realized right after I sent
the email I didn't specify what species of cichlids.

I want African Cichlids.  I haven't settled on a lake, but I like the
lake species better than the river ones.  It sounds like the planted
tank is not compatible with what I'm wanting.  I think I'll still try
to wrap some Java Fern and Anubias to some of the rocks, but I won't
hold my breath.

I'm really hoping to have some breeding occur.  I realize that 30
gallons is small for a breeding tank, but I just can't give up my 80
gallon for cichlids, I just like planted tanks too much...  I'll follow
all the suggestions on establishing a breeding tank (aside from size)
and we'll just see what happens.

Thank you both for your help.

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