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Re: Nazi burgers

>>Tom made some illuminating points about the food chain and
who is and isn't in one.  In the 60s, I knew folks that
strove to avoid plants and animals in their diets.  I think
they are all pop record producers now.<<

Or the ex hippies are big time corporate executives like Ben and Jerry, wait
a minute..." avoid plants and animals"...what else is there?  As I have
gotten older I have modified my diet to have a well balanced meal with a low
fat content and still be able to enjoy what I eat which includes meat but
not twinkies and ding dongs...thats as far as I am willing to go! Many other
cultures eat all sorts of things that most of the american culture would not
even consider: monkey brains, snakes, cats, dogs...whatever. I would much
rather see livestock animals bred for consumption than wild animals or pets.
I'm getting hungry, time for a tuna sandwich...hold the tofu

PETA snapshot of the future: Large herds of wild cows roaming the great
plains of North America...freezing to death in the winter, dying of
starvation...Congress passing a bill to spend millions of dollars to feed
the wild cows...declares hunting season for cows, meat exported to Japan...
McDs new Happy meal: a red pill, a green pill, and a yellow pill.

Robert Paul Hudson
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