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Wet-Dry Filters

> Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 21:31:25 EST
> From: Martinphillip03 at aol_com
> Subject: Wet-Dry Filters
> What brand of wet/dry filters may I use on a 90 gal planted tank?


IMHO, although I have not used very many different brands they all look
to be about the same.  Like everything else, some are just made better
than others.  Pick one that fits your budget and quality preference.  I
have an Eheim wet-dry canister that works well and since it is sealed
there isn't any CO2 escaping there.  The return is through a spray bar
aimed down in the tank.  They have two sizes, models 2227 (holds 4.9
liters of filter media) and 2229 (holds 7.3 liters of filter media) -
www.eheim.com.  I also have a more conventional wet-dry (plastic box
with a drip tank) but it hasn't gotten into service yet.  I have some
sheets of cell pore I got a reasonably good deal on and some bio-balls
and haven't decided which I want to try.  That reminds me, I really need
to get that set up.

> Why won't the CO2 escape from the water using this type of filter?

Check out George and Karla Booth's website Aquatic Concepts
(http://aquaticconcepts.thekrib.com/).  There is a section on CO2 and
trickle filters that shows the results of some tests they made.  Look at
the section title Carbon Dioxide Injection under Technical Information.
Also, if you can find a copy, read "The Optimum Aquarium" by Horst and
Kipper.  The info they present in the book is quantitative as far as
their recommended guidelines but as I recall they do not give specifics
on CO2 loss with trickle filters.  The book mostly describes an approach
to growing plants that appears to work very well.  Much of it is the
same recommendations one would find on this list only theirs is a
packaged product ($ but it works well), the list is more DYI.  It is
based on the use of Dupla products - their company.  Oops, make that Red
Sea's products now.  They recommend trickle filters and use CO2.  The
Booths' article is more specific to your question.

Good luck.