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Re: Animal Rights, etc

Now the guy who posted the link to theonion.com got me going. Here's my
favorite bedtime story:


My reaction about this whole PETA thing was that I thought using the
Holocaust for comparison was a cheap shot and exploitive of the millions of
Jews who suffered and died back then. It's a shame PETA couldn't come up
with something for their campaign that could stand on it's own merits.
That's just me though. I've seen stockyards and stock auctions, etc. close
up and I don't think PETA needed the Holocaust to make their point or tug at

JoAnn - vividly recalling the smell of the stockyards wafting into my house
when the wind was just right. Poop is something one acquires an appreciation
for. I live in the city and I miss the smell of poop! LOL.