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Re: Aquatic Meat Mailing List

On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 02:39:30AM -0500, Jack Meltzer wrote:
> The next topic might be how this weird site relates to growing plants in 
> fish tanks.

That would be tough. There's just no way justifying this one ... it's just
plain WAY OFF TOPIC. So if you want to contribute anything to this thread,
you'd better do it fast before everyone starts screaming to shut up and get
back to the list topic. :-)

> I eat a fair amount of meat but I wouldn't want to be the spokesperson for 
> the American Beef Council.  The commercial meat industry is dirty, 
> depressing and unnecessarily cruel. If more people really knew how the 
> industry operated, we'd have more vegetarians and more humane conditions for 
> the animals that we ultimately eat for dinner.  We may find the site's 
> tactics offensive but the underlying message still has a ring of truth to 
> it.

Pick any subject that people feel strongly about and you'll find a full
spectrum of opinions, all the way from Extreme Looney-Tunes on one side to
the Extreme Looney-Tunes that hold the opposing view. And everything in
between. In fact the emergence of a strong or radical view on one side will
almost guarantee the creation or formation of a radical group with an
opposing view. On just about any topic. Both sides will probably have some
but not all of The Truth, and each will hype their truth and trash their
opponents weak points. And unless you're one of the radicals, the trick is
to find and learn from the truths in all of the arguments. Not always easy.

Me? I don't eat meat. Or fish, even the kind that swim amongst aquatic
plants. [<-- on topic? :-)] It's just a healthier diet.

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