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Re: Nazi burgers

Tom made some illuminating points about the food chain and
who is and isn't in one.  In the 60s, I knew folks that
strove to avoid plants and animals in their diets.  I think
they are all pop record producers now.

Tom even boosted non-mammal diets, I think.

Hey, if you want to stop eating meat, just read read *Fast
Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal*
by Eric Schlosser --

You'll conclude that:  

1) the meat packing industry hasn't changed at all since
the days of Upton Sinclair (you youngsters can look that
allusion up ;-)  );

2) you should have had a lighter breakfast;

3) your fish, maybe even your plants, probably eat better
than you.

Keep the aspistras flying!

Scott H.

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