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Re: Aquatic Meat Mailing List

Hey, my take on eating meat is: they die, we die.  What's the

I buy grass fed beef from this place:


No hormones, no pesticides.  They don't kill predators on their land.
No feed lots.  The cows grow up under the sun where they belong, eating
the food they are designed to eat (cattle are NOT grainiverous).

Personally, I'd much rather see more cows than more people---6 billion
is quite enough for me, thanx.

One thing vegans never mention is that many grazing animals are grown on
land that is unsuitable for agriculture.  Converting mountainside
pasture to wheat would be really destructive, resulting in erosion and
water pollution.  Not to mention loss of habitat for the wild things
that live there.  The world is running out of water.  Trying to grow
soybeans and rice in the arid west uses huge amounts of water, which has
to come from somewhere.  So our ground water is depleted, and river
water is diverted to irrigation, resulting in loss of habitat for fish.
Then there's the fertilizer runoff from the farms into the water,
further destroying the aquatic environment.  (Notice how I cleverly
worked "aquatic" into this post, so as not to be off-topic)

And yes, it's true: PETA'S ultimate agenda is to eliminate any form of
animal ownership, including the fish in our tanks and the Chihuahua on
our lap.  

Personally, I'm checking out of here if their vision of a petless,
soybean burger-eating world with 12 billion humans on it and not much
else ever comes to pass.

OTOH, there's always Soylent Green to look forward to.

Maybe we should all be growing hydroponic vegetables in our tanks?

Lori, last of the carnivores