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Re: Aquatic Meat Mailing List

>>I eat a fair amount of meat but I wouldn't want to be the spokesperson for
the American Beef Council.  The commercial meat industry is dirty,
depressing and unnecessarily cruel. If more people really knew how the
industry operated, we'd have more vegetarians and more humane conditions for
the animals that we ultimately eat for dinner.  We may find the site's
tactics offensive but the underlying message still has a ring of truth to

Yes, and our veggetibles and grains are stuffed full of hormones, steriods,
pesticides, additives, preservatives, and genetically altered... you can
drive yourself nuts if you think about it. I love eating fish, chicken and
beef, and veggies, and fresh bread. Nobody is going to take that away from
me, PETA or no PITA!

Robert Paul Hudson
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