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Re: Nazi burgers

> http://www.Masskilling.com
> After you get over this page click on "view display" at the top."
> If this disgusts you as much as it does me, e mail everyone you know,
> especially anyone you know in congress and/or the news media.
> Scotty

Hey! What about the mass killings of the plants? Are they saying that one
life is better than another? That always bugs me when folks claim they stand
for nice little furry creatures but have not trouble pulling a weed up or
biting into a loaf of bread. "It's about respect for life" Really?

Think of all those Nazi plant eating herbivores!
Think about all those weekend plant killers with their weed whackers and
lawn mowers! Mass murder of monocots! Round Up! The chemical weapon of mass
plant destruction! Eating those seeds and nuts(those poor baby plants! How
could they?). 

All those animals are plant killers. But they are bad animals that "deserve"
to die.

Well think about it, plants and a few bacteria are the only ones that don't
kill something to grow and live in the world. They are the only truly
innocent life forms if you want to make a moral issue about it. Something is
going to die to feed all those nice little furry critters after all........

I think on a environmental platform eating less meat is good and much better
for everyone. It takes far more resources to raise meat than it does plants.
If we want more humans on the planet, this change will have to occur. Meat
is generally pretty wasteful. I like some of it and all, but I don't care
for it a lot. 

As I bite into my certified "tuna safe" Dolphin burger with the fat running
down my chin and write out my to do list for today on old growth redwood
paper pulp. 

So now we know where all those Nazis went after the war. The Meat business.
I knew it! Careful though.....meat Nazis went after and tried to sue Ophra
when she said it was bad.

But it does seem to take advantage of the Jewish victims to make their
points. That ain't cool.

Tom Barr