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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #70

I must agree with the distinguished Mr. Barr, since getting into the 
planted tank arena scarcely 18 months ago,
I find that the products from SeaChem are consistantly right on target 
for all my needs. I have had difficulty with
other brands over time as I have been a hobbyist for 40 years now, 
running the range from goldfish to large saltwater
and reef systems. I have now stepped down in size and complexity and 
simply enjoy my planted tanks with a few select
guppies and have found SeaChem has every product I could ever need, and 
they all seem to be compatible with one another.
Where else could you ever find all that ?
Walt Wilson
Lexington, NC

>	Re: Amquel and SeaChem's Prime
>Thomas Barr said, in part, about SeaChem:
>>They care about plant folks and customers and always go
>>above and beyond
>>with plant folks