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frozen plants and grow out tanks.

Hi all.. thanks for the answers on my lighting subject. 1 I recently ordered some plants from an auction I won. They were frozen when they were delivered. I gently thawed them out, then planted them in my tanks. I had the anticipation that some of them were going to die. But hoping it was the ones I wasn't too interested in.
Much to my dismay, the baby's tears seemed to have literally vanished into thin air. (or should I say water?) and all of my leaves on the african tiger lotus disappeared as well.I stilll have the bulb from the tiger lotus. I replanted that and keeping my fins crossed that it will rebloom. (Any thoughts?) my tiger rotala has lost some of its leaves, but seems to be picking up. I am afraid that I am going to loose all of my sunset hydro though.  I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips?  Ironically at the same time, the kribs I have in the tank spawned. I now have about 30 fry swimming around the tank. They seem to be hanging around the amazon swords and the java moss though. So I don't think they are the culprit.
Being that I will be ordering some plants to replace the ones I lost (from a reputable distributer this time!) I was planning my grow out tank for the fry. What sort of plants would you suggest besides the java moss? Thanks.

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