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That Irritating Pendant Glare

I have a 175 metal halide pendant with a 90 gallon tank.  When I first set 
it up, I discovered the issue of glare.

Here's what I did.  I built a 4-sided wooden frame that fits on top of the 
tank.  Picture a box with no top or bottom.  The height I use is around 7 
inches since I hang the light about six inches above the tank.  This 
arrangement isn't ideal in that it has to be lifted off for maintenance but 
otherwise it works like a charm.

Use thin wood or some other light material to keep the weight down.  I once 
built one out of recycled shelving.  It looked awesome but the sucker was so 
heavy, it took two people to move it.  The latest model is made of stained 
paneling and was strapped together using L-brackets and short screws.  Also, 
if you can, line or paint the inside with a white colored material so as to 
reflect the most light back into the tank.  This solution not only 
eliminates glare...it also looks really nice.

Good Luck

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