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RE: Seachem Phosphate and nitrate

I don't believe they do at the moment, I placed an order yesterday and was
told that they will have them within the next month or two. Were you able to
find it listed on their website? If so I'd like to get the link from you,
perhaps it's not too late to add to my order.
Giancarlo Podio

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www.bigalsonline.com has it too.  There rates seem to be a little better on
most items too.
>Looking for Seachem phosphate and nitrate in the 500 ml size.  Good stuff,
>no need to mess around with the little bottles.  Has anyone bought it
>recently from any of the on-line places or catalogs?

That Pet Place has Seachem's stuff in all available sizes- just got the
phosphorous myself! :)