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Re: Lighting -- Pendant penchants

Bill Wichers commented, in part, re hanging metal halide

> Most seem to be suspended about 10"-18" or so above the
> tank, but I've seen 
> MH lights mounted up to maybe 20"-24" above the tank.
> Just allow for some 
> flexibility with the height when you hang the lights so
> that you have the 
> ability to adjust them later. Once you find the perfect
> level for your 
> particular setup you shouldn't need to move them again.

There are some advantages to using pendants instead of
sqautters.  Less heat appplied to the tank water,
dispersion of light (espeicaly for MHs), easier to
temporarily raise the lamps out of the way -- in fact, if
they are a couple of feet above the tank, they might not be
in the way at all for most maintenance activity. 
Fluoresecents as well as MHs can be used in hanging lamps.

One issue that can come up with hanging lamps is the glare
that can occur if your normal viewing height is below the
bottom of the lamps -- for example, if you watch your tanks
sitting down, your eyes might be well below the the bottom
of the lamps and a lot of light from the lamp might reach
your eyes directly.

How do folks deal with this, if it's a problem for them at

Scott H.

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