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Re: Amquel and SeaChem's Prime

Thomas Barr said, in part, about SeaChem:
> They care about plant folks and customers and always go
> above and beyond
> with plant folks, reef folks etc. Customer service does
> mean a great deal(at
> least to me), seems a number of companies loose touch
> with that although
> most are wise enough to do whatever it takes to please
> the customer like
> SeaChem.
> This is why I am loyal to them and their product.
> Well...their product do
> work very well which was the initial reason and perhaps a
> main point for
> many. Add both of those and it's difficult for me to
> suggest other
> companies. SeaChem has a long track record of both good
> service and products
> and also marketing the products so they are available
> most places. They are
> very willing to communicate with hobbyist and often get
> good ideas from them
> as well. Sort of like having your own R&D testing
> division for the cost of
> good service. That's a win-win deal for both.

And to add to that, there are numerous times when Dr. Morin
has promptly posted on APD to answer a technical, and
sometimes not so technical, question about SeaChem

It doesn't get much better than that, and the contrast with
some other companies is remarkable.

Scott H.

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