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Re: Green water notes


Sounds like you may have Chlamydomonas.  Does that seem right?

I have my own green water fun to deal with.  Unfortunately I don't 
want it (as opposed to your trying to create it).  Mine is more of a 
light broth (rather than pea soup) at the moment.  When I put my 
sample under the scope it looked like 2 species of Desmids (a thin, 
needle-like one and a species shaped like a "Z", both were tiny even 
under 400x).  Desmids are my favorite green algae, but these guys 
have worn out their welcome!

For the past 4 months I though I was battling a bacterial bloom from 
hell (I borrowed a diatom filter a couple times to keep it under 
control).  Now that I finally figured out its algae I get to have the
joy of trying to pinpoint the source of the problem (I'm suspicious 
the filter may be at least partially to blame).