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Re:Amquel and SeaChem's Prime

> Thinking an employee of the giant pet warehouse store probably was
> stealing and diluting their product, he dutifully let Kordon (and J. F.
> Kuhns) know about it. Their responses were so nasty that I have since quit
> suggesting "Amquel" to folks. Instead of being grateful and offering to
> replace the bottle, they vilified him and made all kinds of nasty
> accusations that he was trying to malign their product. I was shocked at
> such stupid behaviour toward a customer, to say the least.
> [At least they didn't sue him! :-)]
> Wright

Well this is very easy to solve.

Buy SeaChem's Prime.

They care about plant folks and customers and always go above and beyond
with plant folks, reef folks etc. Customer service does mean a great deal(at
least to me), seems a number of companies loose touch with that although
most are wise enough to do whatever it takes to please the customer like

This is why I am loyal to them and their product. Well...their product do
work very well which was the initial reason and perhaps a main point for
many. Add both of those and it's difficult for me to suggest other
companies. SeaChem has a long track record of both good service and products
and also marketing the products so they are available most places. They are
very willing to communicate with hobbyist and often get good ideas from them
as well. Sort of like having your own R&D testing division for the cost of
good service. That's a win-win deal for both.

If treated nasty, tell folks that you have been and go elsewhere.
If treated well, tell folks you have been and stick with them.

Tom Barr