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Help shed some light

Hi all, 
I have been quite for some time. I just purchased some hydrophila sunset, tiger lotus and some baby's tears. I know that they need high light requirements. Right now I am running 2 AquaGlo 15" full spectrum bulbs running at 15 watts per bulb  for a 20 gallon aquarium, along with flourite/live coral substrate, CO2, and most of RedSea's supplements.
My question focuses on All-Glass Compact Flourescent Strip lights. The wattage is certainly increased by almost by 5 times. Okay, granted at this level it is probably too high (5.5 watts per gallon) in which I would go with my single strip, which would bring me to 2.75 wpg.
My question is would these lights fit the normal flourescent tubing hoods? Or would I have to get a new light fixture to accomodate this?

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