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RE: Water conditioner problem??

If its any consolation I have been using amquel exclusivley as a
decholinator for many many many years.  Did some tests awhile back, and
Amquel was the only dechlorinator to test 0 for phosphates and nitrates.
Pretty important IMO for non plant tanks or salt water.

When was your most previous water change before?  Are the fish gasping for
air at all?  I twice whiped out my cichlid tank by doing a gravel vaccuuming
after not doing one for 6 months, and toxics built up by anerobic(I think?)
conditions were relased (a form of nitrogen I think) which depleted the o2
in the tank, and killing off many many many fish.  

Sounds kind of what may of happened from what you explained, your water
would test fine if this happened.


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