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Ca/Mg uptake

I had been running my tank with very low GH for the past month or so - they 
switched water sources & I didn't catch it. I have been adding Flourish 
Equilibrium to get my GH back up above 1.5 dGH. The tank is 72 gallons, 
heavily planted. It went up to 3.5 after 4t, but remained at 3.5 after 
adding another teaspoon. (Yes, I am sure it all dissolved & was well mixed - 
I waited almost 24 hrs to do another test).

Is it possible that the plants, shrimp, and snails were so Ca/Mg starved 
that they used up a teaspoonful of the Equilibrium in 24 hours, or am I 
seeing test kit failure, or am I just being too sparing of the Equilibrium? 
I don't want to shock the fish.

The test kit is Aq. Pharm; I am using 10 mL of water for the test.


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