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Re: How much light is reflected by a glass -- or - The Plastic Inevitable

Plexiglas acrylic absorbs more moisture than some other
plastics.  This can lead to more deformity than you would
see from heat effects alone, even at lower temperatures --
the wetter side swells, which ain't so grand.

Polycarbonate's shape is less effected by moisture -- not
to mention it's really pretty gosh darn durable and
resistant to cracking.  However, due to its polycarbonate
content, it is actually a mild conductor of electricity. 
You should take that into account if you are planning to
use it where it might be exposed to current at household
voltage and water -- that buzz you feel might not be
elation, it might be your lights ;-)  But it should keep
the splashes off the bulbs and sockets.

I think those are probalby the only economical alternatives
to ordinary glass and and a little more light.
Which is not to deny that conservation has merits beyond
the merely economical.

Scott H.

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