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Re: Water conditioner problem??

Great point Dominic, I'll check the date as soon as I get home today. When I
arrived home last night there was only one blue ram left alive breathing
heavily but otherwise behaving normal. I performed a 50% water change using
my old conditioner but he did not make it over the night. All the other fish
show no signs at all but all my dwarf cichlids are dead. I know people who
use AmQuel with great success and have been for years, this is why I didn't
even give it a second thought, after reading the Sears-Conlin paper I
thought I'd give it a try. My conclusion based solely on this experience is
that my tap water must contain something that AmQuel does not remove and
Aqua Safe does, something that apparently became toxic to my dwarf cichlids
(Borellii and Blue Rams) but has left the rest of the inhabitants unharmed
(one young mollie did die but the others are fine). It's really the only
explaination that makes sense. I tested everything I could test last night,
including my tap water, conditioned water and tank water before changing 50%
and everything looks the same as it has for the last year.

Well I have no one else to blame but myself, I experimented with a different
product when the usual one has served me well for many years, I should have
known better. I did receive 2 emails from people with similar experiences
and I'm waiting on a reply from the breeder whom I buy my cichlids from,
perhaps he may have a better idea than me. Can anyone think of anything I
may be overlooking?

Giancarlo Podio

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I have used AmQuel for 3 years and later I started using Seachem Prime. No
Fatal reason but Prime is comparatevely cheap. I would suggest you to check
the expiration date of your AmQuel bottle. Here in my town we have a sleepy
LFS where you will find lot of expired products.