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Aponogeton robinsonii to trade!

Dear list,
I am an avid aquatic-plants hobbyist from Bangkok, Thailand. Recently, I 
have got some Aponogetion robinsonii, wild-collected from Jumpasak Province 
in South Laos. I have many tubers to trade/give away to anyone who is 
interested. The picture of A. robinsonii is avaiable at 
www25.brinkster.com/aprasartkul/aponogeton1.jpg .

I currently looking for other Aponogeton (esp. those from Madagascar), 
Crinum natans, calamistratrum and etc., and other stem plants like  
Hemianthus callitrichoides, Hygrohypnum ochraceum, Eriocaulaceae sp., 
Riccardia chamedryfolia and other.

Please contact me offlist at tihtra at hotmail_com .


Bangkok, Thailand

My homepage => http://www.aquabox.info
Thailand's Freshwater Explorer => http://www.siamensis.org

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