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Re: How much light is reflected by a glass -- or - Through the glass darkly

Wright Huntley pointed out regarding glass tops on tanks: 

> All told, I expect a clean cover glass to waste maybe 25%
> of the useful 
> energy, so it is pretty significant.

One of the many factors affecting how much light falls on a
any particular leaf.

Which raises several not so important questions ;-)

So that's 4 what's per gallon with a glass cover and 3 wpg
for an open tank? 

If I leave off the glass top, does the extra heat loss (and
electricity to replace it) in winter offset the savings in
electric light?

What's the light loss if I use a net to keep in fish
instead of a glass top?

Can I save even more light if I leave the water out of the
tank?  What about large shade-making plants?  

Scott H.

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