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Here's a dumb one. I know that plants grow "emersed" when they are out of 
the water; "submersed" when they are underwater. But what about when they 
grow out the top of the water?

I bought my husband a cute little Azoo aquarium which is 15 cm in every 
dimension - a cube, in other words. It has the cutest little 7W PCF light. 
We have put cute little fish in it, and cute little plants. Some of the 
plants - an unidentified chain sword that grows about 12" tall, H. 
polysperma, Aponogeton crispus - are obviously going to grow up above the 
water line. Will the parts above the water be different from the parts below 
the water? Will the leaves below the water die off when the leaves above the 
water develop? We've never had an open-top tank before.

Did I mention how cute this thing is?


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