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Re: Neritina also know as Olive Nerite

 Gary Lange asked about the Olive Nerite, Neritina

I have some of those Gary, and they are wonderful
eaters of algae.  I have a 5.5 gal aquarium with java
moss, java fern, recovering stargrass, some duckweed
(I am pulling out with tweezers every day), and a nice
crop of algae all over the walls.  The Olive Nirites,
are leaving clear glass in their wake as they cruise
over the glass.  I will add some  DIY Co2 and M.
umbrosum to the tank to see if they will also eat
higher plants, the stargrass is floating and the
snails can't get to them so right now it isn't a fair

The stargrass is a different story.  It was in transit
for over a week, thanks to USPS, during the coldest
part of the winter.  When I took it out of the box,
the stems and leaves were a mass of white.  So I threw
the mess in a tank that has the above mentioned plants
and some Heterandria formosa and Hyalella azteca.  A
13 watt CF with an aluminum wrap reflector, but no
CO2.  As you can imagine the light is growing algae
nicely.  BUT, the stargrass has revived in a couple of
places and is floating above the java moss and fern.

  So, at this points it's two thumbs up for these
Nerite critters.  Since they are also an estuarine
species, I think they would make a wonderful addition
to a Pseudomugil cyanodorsalis or signifer tank, with
salt tolerant plants like javamoss and javafern.  I
will let you know how they work out.



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