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RE: VERY cloudy Water, Part 2 (The saga continues)

>I just tried a Diatom filter today -- it had no affect. So with that
>possibility eliminated, I have a few options left.

I've had good luck with the AquaClear "Quick filter" that holds a special 
cylindrical cartridge on a powerhead. They are cheap, and almost as good as 
a diatom filter IME, but easier (and cheaper) to leave running for long 
periods. Might be worth a try, but if the diatom filter didn't make any 
noticeable difference I don't see what the quick filter would either.

>Cause - It could be that I'm too impatient to let this go away on it's
>own -- there could be no special cause. Just a SEVERE case of "new tank
>syndrome." However, I believe there is a cause, and I'm starting to suspect
>the wood.

Test for ammonia in your tank as others have suggested, and post the result 
you get. Use a decent test kit so that you can trust the results. You might 
want to try putting the wood in a separate tank or bucket for a while to 
see if the same problem arises in new water in a new setup after putting in 
the wood. If the problem follows the wood then you'll have the source of 
your problem nailed down and can take appropriate measures (boiling/soaking 
the wood for a while).

If you have access to a microscope and a well slide try looking at a sample 
of your cloudy water. If you're problem is a bacterial problem you should 
be able to see the bacteria in the water sample. There should be *lots* to 
cause the problem you're having.


>Wood - I found the wood in the wild in Michigan. It could be rotting, and
>therefore, the bacterial bloom is feeding on the rotting wood. I'm leaning
>toward removing it for good. It's a shame, however, because I really like
>it. (It's a pain to move around because it isn't water-logged. It is tied to
>the bottom using fishing line.)
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