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Re: Better than bleaching

Tom, I like the idea of growing some anubias emergent, specially if it will
grow better. What would you use as a soil or substrate while growing the
anubias emergent? Same gravel, water and fertilizer tabs used in the
aquarium? Also do you have to keep the leaves moist or anything like that?
I had read that anubias grows along water streams and not under water
naturally, any other plants you can think of that would grow better
emergent? (perhaps java fern?)

Giancarlo Podio

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> Subject: Re:  Green spot algae on anubias leaf

Better than bleaching, simply place the plant in a plastic bottle or glass
jar etc and sit in the window like a little terrarium and grow it emergent.
GSA will not grow in the air and the plant will grow much better emergent.
A week or so will take care of most any algae.

I trim the leaves typically since it'll only ever infest older leaves.
Improving the growth will help. Adding some PO4 if limited also reduces
Green Spot. Plants get pruned and grow back anyway.

People get all bent out of shape about pruning their crypts, swords and
Anubias but they grow fairly fast if you use CO2, macros, traces, and decent
light. Less light makes it easier to have less green spot also if the same
routine for the macro's/CO2 etc are addressed.

Tom Barr