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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #63

Gary Lange asked:

> Someone has suggested to me that the "Marble Snail", Neritina reclivata
> a pretty nice job on hair algae.  Has anyone on this list tried these
> before?  They were seen chomping on hair algae in a bare bottom tank but I
> was wondering if anyone had tried them in the planted aquarium.  They
> seem to be chewing on the plants.  Do they reproduce like mad or is this a
> slowly reproducing snail?

I'm not sure about this species, but I have 4 Neritina natalensis in my 77
planted tank. They've never harmed a plant, but I've never seen them touch
the BBA either. As for reproduction, I bought 4 about 6 months ago. All 4
are still there, and that's it. I believe they need brackish water to breed,
but I'm not sure. If anyone has info regarding breeding, I'd love to hear
how to do it.

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