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multiple tank filtering question

I am looking at setting up a bunch of smaller aquariums (5-20g) for the
purposes of breeding and raising fancy guppies and german blue rams.  I
plan on planting all the tanks as I love the sight of planted tanks and
it gives me a good excuse to do so.  The one problem I don't have a good
solution for yet is an economical way to filter them all.  I was
considering a single wet-dry filter, but have no idea how I would
properly handle the water return from the sump.  

So, do any of the creative people on this list have any ideas on how to
build an economical _and_ efficient filter solution for a bunch of
smaller aquariums lined up next to each other?  They will be going on
some heavy duty shelving in the basement so it will sorta become my tank
room. :)  For lights I plan on suspending a long light hood over them
all and leaving the tanks open.


Robert Chady
Cadott, WI  where "all" of our snow has almost completely melted. :(