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Re: Co2 in nature

> With all the on going talk about CO2 supplementations in the home
> aquarium, I keep wondering how plants in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds
> etc. get their CO2.
> I assume that aquatic plants wouldn't get as much CO2 in the "wild" as
> in the aquarium.
>  I also assume that most (or some) CO2 must come from groundwater.  So
> could plants in a aquarium get enough CO2 from daily water changes for
> normal growth found in nature?
>  I have a ten gallon planted tank without CO2 addition and I notice O2
> bubbles on leaves after I change about 1/3 of the water.  Any thoughts?
> Sean Meister

You notice O2 bubbles on each water change because on the new water is
somethink missed on your tank, Of course it should be CO2, but is possible
more possibilities (K, Mg, Fe, Mn etc..)

Sincrely yours
Antonio Trķas