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VERY cloudy Water, Part 2 (The saga continues)

Thanks to all who have responded.

Unfortunately, I have officially had the cloudy water for 14 days now. It's
only getting worse.

I just tried a Diatom filter today -- it had no affect. So with that
possibility eliminated, I have a few options left.

Algae Bloom vs. Bacterial Bloom - Since the diatom filter did NOTHING, I
suspect it is bacterial.

Cause - It could be that I'm too impatient to let this go away on it's
own -- there could be no special cause. Just a SEVERE case of "new tank
syndrome." However, I believe there is a cause, and I'm starting to suspect
the wood.

Wood - I found the wood in the wild in Michigan. It could be rotting, and
therefore, the bacterial bloom is feeding on the rotting wood. I'm leaning
toward removing it for good. It's a shame, however, because I really like
it. (It's a pain to move around because it isn't water-logged. It is tied to
the bottom using fishing line.)

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If anyone has any other thoughts, please feel free to send them my way.