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crypt melt

So, I have an interesting problem with the crypts in my tank.  Anytime I
run both of the bulbs over my tank (2*110), my crypt wenditti start to
mysteriously melt.  Even if I only run the 2nd bulb for ~4 hours,
perfectly fine growing leaves will start to dissolve.  

Now, I typically only run the 2nd bulb when I'm trying to help the tank
recover from a heavy pruning or some such, but even if I turn it on just
for the heck of it, within a day or two the crypts start to melt.

Any ideas on this?  Really seems odd that everything in the tank grows
like mad, including the crypts, but they just start melting at random
(while still growing nicely).  



Robert Chady
Cadott, WI where "all" the snow we've gotten has almost completely
melted already! :(