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Recommendations for a decent PO4 test kit

When I originally considered purchasing test kits I looked at quality,
reagent refill availability, standardization to a single brand, and price.
I decided to go with Hach. I have the Hach model PO-19 Orthophosphate kit.
It is not a cheap kit. Neither is it inexpensive. The kit has three ranges:
0 -1mg/L by 0.02mg/L increments, 0-5mg/L by 0.1mg/L, and 0-50mg/L by 1mg/L
increments. Method: Color disc/Ascorbic acid. Number of tests per reagent
package: 100. Reagent price: ~$16.50. The reagent has a shelf life of
around 5 years. Kit price: ~$65 US. The initial price was a bit hard to
swallow but I have used it now for about 4 years and have never had a 
problem with it. Hach makes several Phosphate test kits if you are looking
for a less expensive kit. See <www.hach.com>.


--- Eric