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re: M. umbrosum and KNO3

Tom Barr wrote:
> Well the Rotala is doing nice to what you perceive. It's slightly N
> stressed but the M umbrosum is hurting and is a good indicator for too
> low of levels of NO3.

Yesterday evening, I did a 20% water change and hooked out as much of the
algae as possible by winding it round a pipe cleaner.  Then, I added a
little less than 1/4 tsp of KNO3 in the form of "Grant's Stump Remover"
from Home Depot.  The MSDS says it is 98% pure KNO3.  So far so good.  The
Amano shrimp always motor around after a water change, but they soon
settled down.  All the neons and otocinclus seem fine today.

I asked at the local hydroponics shop, but they only sell KNO3 in 25 lb
bags.  Hopefully the Stump Remover will be pure enough to use when coupled
with frequent water changes.

Thanks again for the advice.

Nicholas Plummer
nplummer at duke_edu