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Re: Overflow boxes and freshwater

I had this problem for a long time, and tried all sorts of solutions
that didn't work very well: either fish could get through, or my screen
would clog with plant debris.  I finally came across a solution that
works great.  I measured the size of the part of my overflow box that is
in the aquarium.  I then got some 1/8" plexi and cut it into strips
about 3/8" wide.  I then constructed the frame of a box that would fit
around the part of the overflow in the aquarium, but was about 1" larger
on each side.  I then used superglue to glue some fiberglass screen to
all sides of this box except the top and back.  This is then placed
around the overflow box in the aquarium.  I made a clip to attach it to
the glass cover of the aquarium, and the back rim of the aquarium.  This
results in a very tight seal that no fish can get through (and it is
high enough (to the glass) that they can't jump over it).  But with the
large surface area, the screen never clogs.  This solved one of the
biggest problems I had with my overflow.  I now only remove the plant
debris from it when I do my water changes.  I realize the above isn't a
very good description of it; let me know if you have any further

Good luck,


On Fri, Feb 21, 2003 at 12:23:29PM -0600, Mark Wolek wrote:
> Good afternoon.  Does anyone have any ideas or tips to keeping fish out of
> your filter?   I glued a screen around the teeth on the overflow box, to
> keep the fish out.  The problem now is that the screen clogs with gunk and
> plant matter daily and needs to be cleaned, I've already pulled 2 dead fish
> and saw one of my new amano shrimp in my sump this morning, from when the
> screen clogs and the water level raises and goes over the teeth of the
> overflow, instead of through them!   If I take the screen off, it will stop
> my clogging and water level changing issue (tank fills, sump emptys and
> blows air til I unclog the screen once or twice a day), but then some of my
> smaller fish or shrimp will get sucked down for sure.  
> Thanks!
> Mark