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re: 2 questions

Thomas Barr wrote:
> Likely Rhizocolnium. From your plants I can tell you likely are running
> too low on the NO3. Red Rotala and M umbrosum lookign funny is a sure
> sign there's not enough.
> M umbrosum is a great NO3 indicator and looks like junk and stunts when
> the NO3 gets too low and grows very nicely when the NO3 is good.
> Add a bit less than a 1/4 teaspoon 2 x a week of KNO3.
> This should take care of that and not need to the test to see what it
> is. 50% weekly water change also and make sure to keep up on the DIY
> CO2.

Thanks.  Here I was thinking that nice red color in the Rotala was a sign
of good conditions.  I will try adding KNO3 and see what happens.  The
tank is lightly stocked, so a bigger school of neons might help, too.


Nicholas Plummer
nplummer at duke_edu