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Re: DIY sump

> Tom presented a novel way with plastic buckets & Bioballs, but I never really
> understood the priciple.

Not novel really. Just cheap.

> Is this thing with bioballs a novelty? and what are
> they good for? 

Bacteria and good flow through, you can use anything with high surface
area(Lava rocked etc).

> Are bigger balls better than smaller ones?

Bigger balls are _always_ better than smaller balls.
Smaller balls are embarrassing.

> Can it be achieved
> with other materials as well?

Sure lava rock etc. Large gravel etc.
High surface area and good even flow through.

> So if anyone have links to step by step descriptions on how to build a sump,
> I'd appreciate it.
> By the way. How big shall a sump be for a 540 Litres tank?
> A 1500 Litres tank?

540 L- A 30- gallon should do.
1500l- I'd get a 55-100 gallon rubber maid pond tub etc.

Tom Barr

> /Greger