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Re: 2 questions

> 1. I'm currently dealing with a bloom of long (4" or more),
> filamentous green algae in my recently set up tank.  Specifications:
> 20 gallon high, 55 watt power compact on for 13 hours, fluorite substrate,
> DIY CO2, flourish added at weekly water changes, temperature about 72 F,
> pH varies, nitrite and ammonia undetectable, nitrate not measured.

Likely Rhizocolnium. From your plants I can tell you likely are running too
low on the NO3. Red Rotala and M umbrosum lookign funny is a sure sign
there's not enough.
M umbrosum is a great NO3 indicator and looks like junk and stunts when the
NO3 gets too low and grows very nicely when the NO3 is good.

Add a bit less than a 1/4 teaspoon 2 x a week of KNO3.
This should take care of that and not need to the test to see what it is.
50% weekly water change also and make sure to keep up on the DIY CO2.
> Plants include:
> java moss (growing well)
> Riccia fluitans (ditto)
> Rotala wallichii (growing fast, nice and red)
> Rotalla macrandra (ditto)
> Proserpinaca palustris (slow but healthy)
> Hygrophila difformis (slow, perhaps too cold)
> Didiplis diandra (still recovering from shipping, but new growth looks OK)
> Hemianthus umbrosum (new growth is white with brown veins)
> In the past, I have kept species tanks of Jordanella floridae that love to
> munch on the stuff, but this tank contains neon tetras and amano shrimp.
> Will a flagfish (as I suspect) be too aggressive for this tank?  Any other
> suggestions appreciated.

Not sure. I don't care to predict animal behavior. Risky. I'd add more
amano's and neons personally if you feel more herbivores/fish load would
help. Especially to a smaller tank.

Tom Barr