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thread algae (and Rotala nyctinasty)

Two unrelated questions:

1. I'm currently dealing with a bloom of long (4" or more),
filamentous green algae in my recently set up tank.  Specifications:

20 gallon high, 55 watt power compact on for 13 hours, fluorite substrate,
DIY CO2, flourish added at weekly water changes, temperature about 72 F,
pH varies, nitrite and ammonia undetectable, nitrate not measured.

Plants include:
java moss (growing well)
Riccia fluitans (ditto)
Rotala wallichii (growing fast, nice and red)
Rotalla macrandra (ditto)
Proserpinaca palustris (slow but healthy)
Hygrophila difformis (slow, perhaps too cold)
Didiplis diandra (still recovering from shipping, but new growth looks OK)
Hemianthus umbrosum (new growth is white with brown veins)

In the past, I have kept species tanks of Jordanella floridae that love to
munch on the stuff, but this tank contains neon tetras and amano shrimp.
Will a flagfish (as I suspect) be too aggressive for this tank?  Any other
suggestions appreciated.

2.  I've noticed that about an hour before lights-out, the new growth (top
two inches or so) on Rotala wallichii folds up.  I don't see any movement
in R. macrandra.  Am I hallucinating, or does R. wallichii exhibit

Nicholas Plummer
nplummer at duke_edu