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my new 55gal setup

  I 'm in the process of setting up a new 55 gal aquarium. I want have some 
live plants maybe 10 tall swords. I want some open space for fairly big 
fish. I want to keep them in pots for ease of cleaning and moving. Trying to 
keep it low matience. Will potted plants be fine in a aquarium? What 
substrate should I put in the pots. I don't want to use any liquid 
fertilizer. I have a planted 20L I used liquid aquarium fertilizer and had 
nothing but problems(algae). also I injected co2. As soon as I stopped all 
this and did a few water changes everything was good, plants are growing 
well and fish are fine. So I would like to stay away from all that.
  Also what are my options ph control? Besides c02 injection. I've read 
something's about using peat, does this work well and how would I use it.
could I put some in a power filter? how much would I have to use?


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