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Re: Stunted growth - Algae growth

     * From: "Rachel Sandage" <rachelsor at hotmail_com>

.....I'm getting pretty frustrated with the tank, given that I apparently have
never been on top of the algae, only having it suppressed by the SAE. Maybe
I'll just chuck it........

The plant, whatever it is, looks like an interesting one.  Before 
just chucking the tank, try a dose of epsom salts (MgSO4) and see if 
the growth of the plants improves.  I am not sure that the symptoms 
of the plant in the picture are Mg deficiency.  It is just a guess. 
I recently discovered that my plants had been suffering from 
magnesium deficiency, and they looked sort of like the one in your 

  Snails also use magnesium, and I think it likely that plants are not 
extremely efficient at getting magnesium from the water when it is at 
low levels.  I was having a lot of problems with plants that would 
not grow, older leaves dying and bluegreen algae taking over without 
being eaten by the snail population. The deficient plants had 
distorted tips on their leaves, and the older leaves died.  Crypts 
had repeated meltdowns or just lost their older leaves and had 
distorted and curled tips on their newer leaves.    Adding more MgSO4 
solved all the problems. The snails started growing and eating up the 
algae.  The plants started growing and looking much more healthy.  I 
feel that I am back in business again!
Paul Krombholz in warm central Mississippi, expecting rain tomorrow.