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Re: NO3

> By the way, just to save time, I already know my other Nitrate reducing
> options (mix mains water & RO, lighter fish load, ion xxsorbtion resins
> etc.) & I've read everything about other denitrator activities such as the
> DIY coil denitrator discussed on the Krib.
> Background info.:
> 50gal tank;
> Fish & plants;
> CO2 injection;
> Mainswater is 30ppm NO3, GH=16, KH=5;
> Water change is just using mains water when the tank Nitrates start to get
> too high (remember, they start at 30ppm!).
> Regards, Kevin

So you don't add KNO3, instead you add more K2SO4 after a water change. A
50% weekly water change will add 15ppm to your tank. So that's about right.
The tank if you have enough K, P, traces and CO2 should use up 15ppm in less
than a week and then your next water change will add about 15ppm more back
and the water you start with will have 0.0ppm or close to it.

I've had tanks in the 20-30ppm range, even to 75ppm for 2-3 weeks with no
ill effects. I just try to keep it down.

You may need to add KNO3 after 4-5 days before the next water change. My own
tanks would need this extra late in the week dose of KNO3 since the NO3
would be gone by then.

So plant uptake should be more than able to handle the issue for you.

Tom Barr