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Re: Stunted growth - Algae growth

Paul K. wrote, "The plant shown is not Eichornia diversifolia.  I am not 
sure, but perhaps it is an Ammannia species. As far as the appearance of the 
plant, I suspect magnesium deficiency.  The hairy algae looks like the same 
species as the moundy algae.   I doubt that curing the deficiency will make 
the hair algae go away.  Perhaps getting the tank more crowded with plants 
will at least suppress it more."

Well, bummer about the false ID - I paid alot of money for that plant. As 
for crowding the tank more, the tank *is* crowded - there is a small open 
space where that plant is, and the other 3/4 of the tank looks like a 

I'm getting pretty frustrated with the tank, given that I apparently have 
never been on top of the algae, only having it suppressed by the SAE. Maybe 
I'll just chuck it.


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