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Re: can anyone help me see the light?

> >Here are the particulars:
> >Icecap electronic ballast for 250W Iwasaki bulb
> >5A slow blow fuse
> >one frustrated aquarist
> >
> >Daphne who is amazed at how dark her great room is!!
>I suspect you probably either have a dead ignitor or a ballast that went
>short on you.

Reading through the digest (web archive is broken at the moment) and I come 
across my post. And my oversight. Since you mention you are running an 
Icecap electronic MH ballast, you won't have an ignitor! I do need to pay 
more attention before replying to stuff apparently ;-)

Chances are if the fuse pops again and you don't have any obvious wiring 
problems you will probably have to have Icecap service your ballast. 
Ignitors and "regular" ballasts are only present in the more usual coil/cap 
or some "tar" ballasts, the electronic ballasts work in a very different 


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