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Re: aquarium canopy plans

Lazarus Miskowski asked:

> Anyone know URL's for good plans for tops/canopies? 
> Thanks.

Dominic posted a lot of pages with plans of all kinds.

The easiest has got to be using a length of plastic or
painted aluminum rain gutter with raingutter end caps.

For my money, any hood made of wood has the aesthetic edge
-- I'm biased about wood.

Even some half inch thick
whatever-looks-decent-at-home-depot wood, fastened with
butt joints, makes for a decent looking hood.

George Booth's Flip top is a favorite of mine:
goto http://aquaticconcepts.thekrib.com/
then select Techinical Information, Lighting, DIY hood

I recommend using a piano hinge.  They look great and are
tough as hinges get.

If you decide on wood and want some help along the way, let
me know, I'd be happy to throw in my couple of pennies.

Scott H.

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