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Algae blooms cont...was other subjects :)

>So you have a plenum for the large fish load fish?

No, the tank was originally a fish only, as of the last month, I have moved
the wet dry from my salt tank to the plant tank.  Over the last 2-3 weeks
I've turned off the reverse flow power heads and now just the wet/dry and
magnum 350 are running.

I ordered a new return pump (mag 9.5) so get a little more water flow, the
RIO 2500 I have on it at the moment is rather week by the time it exits my

I love the wetdry, water doesn't evap thru the top, adds a central pump to
reduce heat, which isn't an issue now...but the tank is in a closet with a
PC lighting on it, and gets a bit hot in summer...

>If it's safe to drink, it's safe for the plants.
>Folks that say you need to buy a RO for a plant tank prey on ignorance and
>paranoia of new folks. Pisses me off.

I agree about the stores preying, when I worked in the industry it was much
better IMO to be upfront and honest.  Make the customer come back for more
purchases :)  lol...

Really I just use the RO/DI because I have it, and like to use it often to
prevent the water that sits in it from becoming to nasty.  I have it, why
not use it.  My KH is 3, with the CO2 going.  Before it was a lot higher,
and the pH was a lot higher as well, the CO2 is deffinetly altering the
water, tho not much the pH stays at around 7 - 7.2, but is probably 8.4 from
the tap.    Using RO gives me a steady baseline I don't have to learn, I add
what the label says, and my KH comes out what it says.   (well RO Right says
like hard harder soft softer lol).  I don't know, as long as I have it
anyways, its nice to get a steady always the same baseline to start, and add

The CO2 reactor (a DIY thats made of a small bottle of water, cut in half,
and the bottom half is upside down witht he CO2 line going into it.  The
'bell' fills with CO2, but I wonder how much CO2 is being used in the tank,
because its never empty, always at least 1/4 a way full.

Note to people using DIY CO2, I read a post by a guy using jello mix in his
CO2 brew.  I did this, with some sugar free jello, 2 cups of sugar and 1tsp
of brewers yeast, in a large gatoraide bottle, and it kept my DIY reactor
full, and overflowing a LARGE bubble every 30 min or so, for a mont steady
and strong.   The new batch is without the jello, and the bell is never even
full.  Or tha plants are using that much more....

>So we add inorganic KNO3.

Hate to sound so much like a newbie, I've been in the industry for 5 years
(tho away for the last 6 lol)  but what is KNO3?  Where do I get it?  

Today I ordered some SAE, amano shrimp (hope they're bigger then the ghosts
I got that got eaten), a new CO2 reactor, bubble counter (both aqua medic
from customaquatic) and the full line of Seachem.  It seems as the balance
of nutrience was figured out, Seachem is a realiable enough company to
properly balance them.  The few reviews I read of thier line sounded pretty
solid.  SO ordered 500ml of each, hope it works ok.  I plan to let the tank
sit fertiziler free for this week before it comes in.

>Generally , CO2 is going to be the cause of any future algae problems for
>you. NO3 next or too much fish waste from NH4 production.

I agree 100% about the CO2, Hopefully when I get the new reactor, I will
keep my bell in place, and add a 2nd bottle of CO2 to the sump using the new
things.   The tank was GREAT algae free, leaves on the plants were 2x the
size of the original leaves the plants came with (ludwigia, crypts would not
grow, tho they were going through the leave exchange phase, shedding
existing ones and growing new ones adept to the water conidions, caromba has
grown rapidly all 3 months).  The big problem started I belive when I over
dosed with iron for sure, and most likley other things, I used both Kent
products, as well as Tetra Flourish Pride or whatever that it says to use
like once a month... Then the algae got me bad.  It seems to of slowed a lot
since the last few water changes and the reduction in light seems to keep
the CO2 bell a little fuller.

>You can do weekly water changes and add KNO3 and I'd certainly add K2SO4,
>races and perhaps PO4. Get some KNO3, K2SO4, KH2PO4 and plan on a gas CO2
>later, maybe a different substrate.

What are the best sources othe above?  It doesn't matter I guess since I
just bought all the Seachem, hope for the best :)
As for the substrate, I have added about 40lbs of flourite since, and used
the seachem sticks once in the inert.

Tom you seem to know a lot, I love reading your posts.   I'll take your
advice :)  The gas CO2 is in the works, but will be awhile before I can
afford it.  Do you have a prefered choice of reactor?  

These lists are great, and I thank anyone whos replied to any of my posts or
will in the future.  I am not a newb to aquaria at all, but I am quite new
to plants and fertilizing, its very different then reef or basics.  The best
way to learn about the hobby is reading the opinions and questions of
others.  Belive me I do search a lot :)  I think my curret problem is a lack
of K...getting a few brown leaves :/

Thanks again!!

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