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Mixing plant nutrients

Giancarlo asked about mixing nutrients.  I am also installing a doser and
had similar questions.  I use TMG and Seachem's potassium, liquid nitrogen,
iron, alkaline buffer, and equilibrium.  According to Greg Morin, it is fine
to mix all Seachem's planted nutrients in solution with one exception.  He
told me not to mix the Alkaline Buffer in the same container with the
Equilibrium.  There could be a precipitate. The Equilibrium takes so much
water to dissolve that I opted to use a Rondomatic for it instead.  Also, I
opted to have my nitrogen in a second container by itself.  Tom Barr
recommended dosing nitrate the day after everything else.  He said it
annoyed the algae and it appears to do that.  This necessitates a second
pump to run the nitrate solution of course.  Does that help?

FWIW, Automated Aquarium Systems has reasonably priced dosing pumps.  I
haven't ordered mine yet but have talked with them several times and they
have been extremely helpful.  The smaller one is $75 and should work for our