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Re: VERY cloudy water

Kevin Sheller has VERY cloudy water

Cloudy water due to bacteria is usually associated with
dissolved organic compounds in the water, such as sugars.
This high nutrient source allows the bacteria involved to
multiply in such vast numbers that they become visible as a

The question is obviously where are these organics coming
from? Get rid of the food and you'll get rid of the
bacteria. Some wood has a high content of soluble organic
material. So first thing I would do is remove that log.
Replace at least 90% of the water to get rid of most of the
remaining organics. Then make sure that there is alot of
aeration, eg by placing the filter outflow above the
surface, thus introducing alot of bubbles. Stop the CO2 for
a while - its all being wasted. The oxygen will help the
bacteria use up the remaining food quickly. The water should
clear up in a few days. Start the CO2 again.  If that solves
the problem then the log would have been the culprit. In the
mentime the log is left for a long time in water (not the
aquarium) to allow the organics inside to seep out, with
frequent water changes. After a month or two it should be
safe for your tank. It will also sink.



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