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mystery terrarium seedling

A while ago I talked about the bug problem in my 10
gallon emersed tank.  It's not so bad now except for
the little brown nodule things on the corymbosa

Anyway, the water level is about an inch and a half. 
Out of that rises a piece of driftwood that was
covered with Riccia when everything was submersed. 
The wood has Christmas moss growing emersed on part of
it, but the rest is just wet and mucky.  Apparently,
that makes a great substrate for seedlings.  There's
one that's looking a lot like a plant that's been
growing in the tank for a while....Phyllanthus
fluitans.  It's a tiny red "stem" with leaves that
look more and more like the parent plant as it grows. 
I guess I never thought about what a seedling floater
would look like, but I didn't expect that.  

Any ideas how to get it to make the transition to its
mature form?  Should I move it or just raise the water
level a bit?  There are a couple others in there too,
but I think at least one may be a corymbosa seedling
(it's all green).  Cool stuff!  

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has any
experience with anything like this.  I will pester a
friend of mine with a digital camera to get a picture
of it for posterity. :)    

Thanks, Cavan  


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